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Coffee Machine Classification

  Coffee machine classification

  Coffee production must be carefully complicated order, master the operation of each step points to the greatest extent possible to play the mellow coffee beans. With good quality coffee beans personally grind coffee powder as raw materials, put them into commercial or domestic coffee machine to make, let the taste of coffee wanton strong, in advance to enjoy the aroma of coffee, this process seems more exciting than the coffee a feeling of. Cooking coffee is not simply put the coffee powder into the water to boil. Cooking coffee not only have a professional utensils, the water temperature, the proportion of coffee powder and water requirements is also very particular about. People who drink coffee have a long history, so the coffee machine with the evolution of coffee culture is also changing more and more advanced. Siphon coffee machine, Mocha pot, drip coffee machine, piston coffee machine ... ... coffee machine different, the working principle is different to meet people's different needs of coffee, it is not surprising how a family in Europe, there will be many types The coffee machine. Here to tell you several previous models of the old coffee machine.

  First, siphon coffee machine:

  Siphon coffee machine, up and down there are two glass balls, the following has an alcohol lamp, looks like a chemical laboratory equipment. Coffee with this kind of coffee machine, that fine effort and patience really a little bit of experimental professionalism. Siphon coffee machine, that is, in the lower hemisphere by adding hot water, add coffee powder in the upper hemisphere, ignite the alcohol lamp. After the water to boil, the lower reaches of the water rose to the upper hemisphere, stir with a stick to gently mix the water and coffee powder. And then heated for a while after the fire, the upper half of the coffee solution after filtration, dripping into the lower hemisphere, the coffee on the system. Features: the process is full of fun, but also enjoy the process of coffee refining, so it is more to add the atmosphere of coffee. During the brewing process, the temperature can be kept between 91 and 95 degrees Celsius, so that the boiled coffee is not only taste fragrant and without bitter taste, but also can cook a personal flavor of coffee.

  Second, drip coffee machine:

  The drip coffee machine is probably the most commonly used method of cooking coffee because it is simple and convenient. Electric drip coffee machine operation is very simple, as long as the required water added to the tank, the filter paper into the funnel-type filter, then the coffee powder into the filter paper, turn on the power switch, a pot of homemade The fragrant coffee is cooked. Features: Convenient, fast, but without losing the fun of cooking coffee and rich flavor.

  Third, Mocha coffee machine:

  Said the Italian mocha pot, also known as "furnace on the fragrant coffee." Mocha coffee machine looks very beautiful, the lower pot of water, the middle of the filter put coffee powder, the pot on the heating device directly cook, so that in a minute can be modulated quite espresso coffee meant. Features: rich flavor and strong bitterness, the surface emerge a thin layer of coffee oil, this layer of oil is the Italian coffee attractive flavor source.

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