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Cold Drink vendor machine suppliers

  • F302 Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine

    Contact NowF302 Coin Operated Coffee Vending MachineF302 Automatic Coffee Vending Machine Made in China 3 hot premixed drinks and 3 cold premixed drinks Water supplying: base cabinet Suitable materials: any instant powders No. of canisters: 3 (3L each canister) Volume: 8L reservoir +...

  • F303 Instant Coffee Tea Vending Machine

    Contact NowF303 Instant Coffee Tea Vending MachineApplicable Places: Office, Teaching Building, Student Dormitory, Reading Room, Library, Internet Café, Cinema, Multiplex Theatre, Chain of Retail Stores, Staff Canteen, Hotel Lobby ,Hotel Rooms, Bank, Hospital, Hotel, Office Building,...

  • F303V with Cups Coffee Vending Machine

    Contact NowF303V with Cups Coffee Vending MachineFeatures: 1. Supplying water from base cabinet, which make the machine more safer, healthier and more beautiful. 2. Coin box, which make your finance safe with a key. 3. Canisters, designed into super volume, which can avoid the matter...

  • LV-205F-A Snack and Cold Drink Combo Vending Machine

    Contact NowLV-205F-A Snack and Cold Drink Combo Vending MachineLV-205F- A Snack and Cold Drink Vending Machine Description: LE-vending is a very top brand of manufacturing vending machine in China with a very export experience to like Asia, Mid East, Europe, South America, etc. We provide LV-205F-A...

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