Where is suitable for placing coffee vending machines?

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Many merchants who have purchased unmanned coffee machines are very confused on the placement of the machines. Only by choosing the right place to put the coffee machine can you get the desired profit. So, where is a suitable coffee vending machine?

The following is the outline:

1. Where is suitable for placing coffee vending machines?

2. How to put coffee vending machine?

3. How to use coffee vending machine?

Where is suitable for placing coffee vending machines?

1. Workplace. White-collar workers working in front of computers are one of the main consumer groups of coffee. Coffee can relieve the fatigue of workers at work and give them a short-term relaxation. In this way, the work efficiency of white-collar workers will be significantly improved.

2. Hotel. Most of the hotels provide short-term leisure places for guests from a long distance. At this time, a cup of hot coffee can relieve the fatigue of travel. In addition, people staying in hotels are generally too lazy to go to the mall to buy goods, and the coffee machine downstairs is a good choice for them.

3. Scenic spot. When it comes to festivals or holidays, various scenic spots are full of people who come to visit. At this time, the coffee machine can let people relax during a tiring trip. In this way, people can better appreciate the scenery of the scenic spot.

4. University campus. The university has witnessed the youth life of many people. College life is rich and colorful, but also full of pressure and challenges. At this time, a cup of coffee can make people more calmly meet the challenge of learning.

5. Airport. Airplanes have become one of the common means of transportation. The coffee machine in the airport can let passengers who are ready to embark on a new journey feel the beauty of life.

6. Subway station. Subway stations are an important way for many urbanites to commute to and from get off work. Many people who feel hungry to and from get off work choose to buy a cup of hot coffee at the subway station.

7. Hospital. The hospital has witnessed too many life and death separations. A cup of coffee can relieve the pressure of the patient's family and medical staff a little.

8. Convenience store. Various convenience stores and 24-hour coffee shops are also excellent places for coffee machines. Consumers sometimes choose to buy a cup of coffee at the same time when buying other products.

How to put coffee vending machine?

1. Choose a suitable place for placement. Consumers' attention is very limited. Therefore, coffee machines should be placed in places where there is a large flow of people and are relatively conspicuous. In addition, there should not be most similar competitors around the coffee machine.

2. Choose the appropriate appearance of the machine. In order to better attract customers, the appearance of the coffee machine should also be carefully designed. Specifically, the color of the coffee machine should be the contrasting color of the surrounding environment, and the pattern style should remain uniform.

3. Choose the right delivery frequency. In order to maximize commercial profits, the frequency of coffee machines should also be strictly controlled. Try not to put similar machines in a specific area on the same occasion, as this will cause a waste of resources.

How to use coffee vending machine?

1. Paste the instructions on the outside of the machine. In order for consumers who use the machine to buy coffee to get a good user experience, the merchant should paste relatively detailed instructions on the outside of the machine.

2. Set the contact method used for feedback. Sometimes, due to network delays or power issues of the coffee machine, the coffee machine may not provide coffee immediately after the consumer completes the payment. At this time, consumers can contact the contact information left by the merchant to obtain the corresponding solution.

In short, coffee vending machines are suitable for many occasions, and merchants need to choose suitable products according to the target place and frequency. HANGZHOU YILE SHANGYUN ROBOT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is an outstanding coffee machine manufacturer, and we will provide coffee machines that satisfy consumers.

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