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Automatic coin-operated coffee machine applicable place

1. Internet bar location: the cashier desk of Internet bar

2. School venue: university town, middle school, school canteen

3. Business reception: automobile sales shop, 4S shop, real estate sales office, bank, investment promotion office

4. Office space: office buildings, foreign-funded enterprises, joint ventures, large company offices

5. Commercial venues: the entrance of large shopping malls, pedestrian streets, commercial streets

6. Business place: wedding photo studio, bakery, coffee shop, club, leisure center, hotel

7. Family place: family use or gift to friends.

According to information available now let's few real domestic manufacturers, and for their own interests, hyping the coin-operated coffee machine can bring profits, originally is a good project, was very smelly, some people do here is simply a few little detail.

One, one kilogram of the triad of coffee, milk tea raw materials with a coin-operated coffee machine 6.5 ounces of small cups according to the standard should be 70-70 cup, are they preach at 80-90 cups, in order to reduce the cost of a cup of coffee, so should have twenty more they sell to the raw material of outstretched even 30 multivariate!! The final victim is the agent, the operator, the consumer!!

Two, some unscrupulous traders in order to attract more consumers to buy the raw material or a machine, he said mislead coin-operated coffee machine daily sales volume can reach 200-300 cups, moreover said, sales can reach more than 500 cups, social investigation learned that in addition to the special places, such as: station, wharf, harbour, daily sales can reach 200-300 cups of very few, moreover, sales of more than 500 cups I don't know to come from, normal daily sales of more than 100 cups belong to the normal situation, eg: Large business super, school, hospital,,,,,,, all can reach, but after investigation visit that if each cup to two yuan or more every day sales is between 40 to 60, quantities (little) so when he sold to more than $2 per cup we expect around friends don't blindly believe in online publicity, sales also can reach about hundred cups, it is not realistic, also is not scientific.

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