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Basic troubleshooting knowledge of coffee machine.

      Coffee machine though not household supplies, no matter what appliances use for a long time will always appear all sorts of problem, such as coffee machine can't boot does not start, the coffee machine traffic is too small or too large, coffee machine, steam nozzle without steam discharge and so on, we always unprepared when malfunction, at this point you do not need to immediately go to the coffee machine maintenance master, can try to troubleshoot the reason first, learn the coffee machine's basic knowledge of common breakdown maintenance.

    Troubleshooting of coffee machine.

1. Why don't you press the ON/OFF button of the coffee machine: you can check whether it is not plugged in or loose.

2. The flow of milk is not normal: the milk valve or straw may be blocked. Clean the straws and milk tube cleaning procedure.

3. Why the coffee is so weak: it may not be enough. Try increasing the amount of coffee powder to add flavor.

4. If there is a malfunction information on the display screen, what should be done: the internal machine may fail, and the coffee maker can be contacted at this time.

5. Why coffee machine traffic is very small: this phenomenon can be that your coffee can be ground too young, or it can make the container dirty. Try to grind the coffee a little coarser, and make the coffee bubble cleaner.

6.Why don't you make a bubble when you're steaming: you might actually use the wrong kind of milk. We recommend using whole milk as much as possible.

7. The noise of the grinding machine is very high. There may be external things stuck in the grinding machine. If this kind of situation, at this time can only seek professional home appliance repair master above repair.

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