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Cold Drink Vending Machine

LV-206-B Touch Screen Cold Drink Vending Machine

DESCRIPTION LE-vending is a very top brand of manufacturing vending machine in China with professional technology and trust-able service etc. We provide LV-206-B Hot and Cold Drink Vending Machine with Touch screen that sell cupcake, cans & bottles of drinks.

Basic data】 
Size:H 1930mm*W 1100mm*D 880mm
Operating system:Android (Standard) 
Operating interface:32inches touch screen 
Capacity:Bottles: 9 kinds; Cans: 12 kinds.

CAN:diameter 52mm-64mm,max.height 135mm

(ф53mm,12 kinds, totally 306pcs) 

PET:diameter 57mm-75mm,max.height 275mm

(ф62mm,9 kinds, totally 123pcs) 

Total capacity :about 429pcs


1,Vending drinks: 

Serpentine structure, electromagnet open-and-close for vending. 

2,Monetary payment system: 

Control system for the application of international standards MDB interface which facilitate access in line with the MDB standard with coin/bill acceptor/IC card/APP and other payment module, effectively expanding the scope of the payment module.

3,Attractive desgin 

4pcs of LED light and 21pcs of card slot is to display the product category, the basic information of the goods sold in the machine, the sales price, and the availability of information on the basis of the inventory of goods;

4,Humanized design Large touch screen with Android operating system; APP promotion function. 


The use of explosion-proof tempered glass, steel cabinets and multiple anti-theft designs, to ensure the security of the commodity, currency and equipment.

6, Energy conservation and environmental protection

Under the 30 degrees of the environment, the daily power consumption is about 4 degrees.

7, Dual emperature control system

Dual temperature energy saving compressor system, can increase the choice of remote temperature control, cold and hot switching function. 

8,GPRS monitoring system optional 

GPRS system makes you to manage the machines very well.

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