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Daily cleaning and maintenance of coffee machine.

  Daily maintenance cleaning process:

  Fill the bubble every time: turn on the steam valve for 2 seconds and deposit it in the steam pipe to get the milk out. Use a damp cloth to clean the nozzle head and steam pipe to prevent contamination.

1. Wash the head/wash hands of the coffee machine:

(1) after each extraction completed coffee pour coffee handle removed out of the coffee grounds, open cleaning switch, embedded coffee handle, use the coffee machine pressure of hot water pressure to clean boiled head and handle cleaning coffee at the same time.

(2) after each extraction completed a coffee, open cleaning switch, will remain in the brewing with hot water head, handle coffee filter and filter the coffee grounds, coffee grease and sediment is rinsed clean, in order to avoid the next coffee extract residual coffee grounds, in the process of oil and sediment flow into the coffee, the effect of coffee quality, cleaning at the same time also play a role of brewing head protection.

(3) if you do not need to extract the coffee, rinse the coffee handle and place it into the coffee brewing head to keep it warm. After the daily work, use the head brush to hedge the boiling head and wash the head rubber ring for cleaning to remove the coffee residue.

2. Steam nozzle (steam rod) cleaning:

(1) the use of steam nozzle after making milk foam, need to use wet cloth clean the steam nozzle to wipe clean, 2 seconds, and open the steam valve, using the touch force and high temperature steam itself, rinse the jet hole residual dirt of milk, in order to maintain the jet hole open.

(2) if there is residual milk on the steam nozzle, please put the steam nozzle soak hot water for 10 minutes, to soften the steam hole and crystalline substance residue in the steam nozzle, immersion open the steam valve check after the completion of the nozzle was clear. (if not unblocked, repeat this step)

3. Asphalt tray/drain tank cleaning:

Asphalt tray: after using the machine, remove the water and wash it with clean water and then put it back into use.


(1) clean the sediment in the drain tank with a damp cloth after removing the asphalt, and flush with hot water to keep the drain pipe open; If drainage is bad, a small spoonful of coffee machine can be poured into the drain and soaked in hot water for five minutes to dissolve the coffee residuum in the drainage tube and then wash it.

(2) if the bottom of the coffee machine is leaking, please check whether the drain pipe is blocked, for example, the drain pipe and drain tank should be removed by cleaning.

4. External cleaning of the coffee machine:

Every day with a clean wet cloth to wipe the fuselage externally, such as using the cleaner is wiped, use mild corrosive detergent evenly infiltration with wet cloth to wipe the body, cloth shoulds not be too wet, prevent excess water and detergent into the circuit system, erosion wires short-circuited.

Note: the machine equipment and any spare parts shall not be washed with wire, steel brush and other hard object tools.

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