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Filter the principle of coffee preservation.

"Filter coffee" is also known as "hanging ear drip coffee". After grinding the freshly baked beans, put them into a "degradable non-woven fabric filter bag" and fill it with nitrogen before sealing the outer packing. At the time of drinking, 90~95 hot water was used to filter the water evenly, and the hot water extracted the essence and oil from the coffee powder under the influence of gravity. Finally, the coffee liquor leaked from the filter bag.

Due to "hang filter coffee" production process and its packaging characteristics, in effectively save the fresh and rich aroma of coffee at the same time, also have a carry-on bag coffee convenience, make coffee lovers from many cooking utensils and complex system process, to make fresh coffee is readily available.

It is basically the same as the freshly ground coffee from the baking and grinding process. In order to prevent the coffee powder from oxidation and aroma volatilization, after the coffee powder is ground, the instant nitrogen preservation and sealing to the independent packaging, the maximum degree of isolation of oxygen, to prevent the aroma of coffee powder volatilization.

Instant coffee:

Because of the cost of the relationship, instant coffee is basically the choice of robusta coffee. During the period, the beans, bad beans and bad development varieties are often roasted and ground without screening, and the main extraction of caffeine in coffee beans. Aroma is mediated by various flavors and additives.

Filter coffee:

According to the variety or flavor, the filter coffees are selected from the best quality arabica coffee beans, such as the selected Chinese yunnan sima-aa, innimantning, ugandan bujisu AA, etc. Make sure to filter out the coffee, the aroma is strong, the taste is pure, also is the coffee category specialty coffee.

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