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How big is the market for vending machines in China?

Vending machines, also known as kiosks, first came from the holy water vending machines made by Greek hilo in the first century AD. At the beginning of the 20th century, Japan was the first country to develop a practical vending machine, "stamp postcard vending machine", which is a machine integrating the sale of postage stamps postcards and the Posting of mail boxes. Vending machines were not introduced to China until the end of the 20th century and were mainly imported from Japan and South Korea. After decades of conceptual innovation and technological breakthroughs, vending machines are now found all over the world.

At least 16 million vending machines are now operating normally around the world. Including vending machine manufacturing and operation of the whole industry sales of more than $2.5 trillion, through the vending machine for the sale of goods each year up to $200 billion in total, the vending machine has become one of the fastest growing industry in retail formats.

According to statistics, Japan has 5.6 million vending machines, which sell more than 6,000 kinds of goods, with an annual turnover of 7112.2 billion yen. Seventy percent of the drinks are sold through vending machines, with sales of 159.3 billion yuan a year alone. By population, 23 people own a vending machine and spend an average of 5,600 yen per person.

The United States has 68 million vending machines, one for every 35 people, with retail sales of $29.3 billion. The average person in Europe is 60, with daily sales ranging from $50 to $100. It can be seen that vending machines have shown a mature development model in Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed regions. However, China's vending machine market is still in the stage of rapid growth.

In 2015, about 150,000 vending machines were sold in mainland China, a 15-fold increase in five years. The vending machine and the number of convenience store than for spake, it is predicted that China's convenience store scale will reach 4.6 in 2020, if the vending machine to reach the level of development, the total number of the vending machine will be close to 1.38 million units

By 2016, the annual sales growth of China's vending machine channel has exceeded 100%. Vending machine monthly yield as the economy and rising living standards and increase gradually, by 2020, a vending machine monthly sales will reach RMB 6000 generally, vending machine sales channels will be close to 100 billion.

In terms of geographical distribution, China's vending machines are mainly concentrated in coastal areas. Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region is the most widely vending machine penetration, market development, the most mature area, about 60% of the machine laying in these areas, the number of vending machines in the circum bohai sea region has also gradually increased, the rest of the region there is a huge market space for development.

As a new retail model, vending machines connect with e-commerce through smart devices. On the other hand, saving space and labor costs, taking the lead in the development of the current retail industry, has gradually become a new growth engine in the sluggish Chinese retail market.

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