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How can a vending machine in summer and winter use more electricity?

Summer is the second season of the year and one of the four seasons. In most areas, summer is a season with hot weather and a possible shortage of water. In addition, because most students in the northern hemisphere spend their summer holidays in summer, it is also a very strong tourist season.

Winter is one of the four seasons, the season between autumn and spring. In astronomy, from December to march, China used to refer to the three months from the beginning of winter to the beginning of spring, and the three months of the lunar calendar, namely "ten, eleven (winter) and twelve (la)".

The research indicates that the permeability of the air curtain of the electric vending machine is the same in summer and winter, but the wind temperature of the air curtain is high in summer. The enthalpy of air in the cabinet and dry bulb temperature are high. Provincial electric vending machines use more energy in the summer than in winter. The summer is more important than the winter weather on the power vending machine. Relative to winter. It causes changes in indoor air conditions (temperature and humidity). For the compressor alone. In winter the temperature in the cabinet is lower than in summer. This increase in power consumption will be greater than previously stated.

From the upper to the lower temperature in winter and summer cabinet temperature 3.3 , 6.7 , respectively, of the summer wind curtain mean temperature difference about 3 ~ C higher than winter decoration ark 2 ~ C higher than the winter average temperature in the summer before the cabinet air roasting value increased by 50%, indicate the gas permeability is more serious in summer. In order to adhere to in the summer and winter temperature is consistent, contained in the supply air temperature to reduce at least 2 ~ C means to reduce the evaporation temperature, assuming that each reduce evaporation temperature once needed power will be increased by 2.4%, so the total power will be increased by about 5%. So no matter in terms of temperature distribution and energy conservation, the influence of seasonal change on cabinets are very big province electricity the vending machine is through comparing permeability to air curtain to block out hot humid air infiltration.

How to save electricity from vending machines?

1. If the store does not have many items, can be in the vending machine is placed inside a larger containing salt water bottles, can achieve a balanced cabinet internal temperature difference, so as to decrease the number of key for compressor, prolong the service life of the compressor.

2, the vending machine condenser is generally below the cabinet put oneself in another's position of the steel plate, so the freezer should be in a well ventilated place, wiped the dust outside the cabinet put oneself in another's position in time, so that it can improve the effect of condenser of condensing so as to achieve the aim of improve the effect of cooling and power saving. After the time that freezer, keep fresh ark is used, the inside of a vending machine is easy to frost, should often (7 days or so) defrost to freezer, increase refrigeration effect thereby.

3. If the fins of the vending machine should be cleaned once every other month or so, the cooling effect will be improved.

4. If the vending machine is open, avoid electric fans and air conditioners. The curtain should be closed during non-business hours.

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