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How to clean the automatic coffee machine?

This is mainly to the problem of automatic coffee machine machine maintenance, the coffee machine use after a period of time, coffee machine with bean is paying with a layer of coffee oil, if too much, can appear the phenomenon of slippage, grinding the coffee machine can't grinding coffee beans, which affects the normal operation of the coffee machine, this situation requires the movement from the coffee machine and remove the coffee oil.

Cleaning full automatic coffee machine skills: 1. It is important to remind that the coffee machine must be cleaned regularly, generally for about a month. Can be adjusted according to the frequency of use. If you need to clean it, you can check the vapor pressure and clean it when the vapor pressure is not ideal.

2. Try to use professional detergent for cleaning, which will not cause damage to the machine, good cleaning effect, and safe.

3, if there is no washing detergent, then try to use a white vinegar to six water mixing, so also can replace professional cleaner, can also use the citric acid, of course, but the price is higher.

4. The cleaning effect should be carefully observed, mainly observing the color of the water and the pressure of the steam. If the water is clear and the pressure is in place, then it is cleaned.

5. If the steam port is blocked, the toothpick can be used. You need to be reminded that you must turn off the steam switch before you operate it. Also, the steam mouth can not be straight to the person, in order to avoid accidental injury.

6. After the solution is satisfied, rinse with pure water until the water comes out without any odor.

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