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Like the hourglass (aroma)coffee machine.

No coffee lover can deny the fact that the pleasure of coffee is inextricably linked to the aroma of coffee -- and if you lose the aroma of coffee in the air, the pleasure of drinking it will be greatly reduced. Byun Seulki etc. Five south Korean designers understand this truth, launched a good coffee can continue after sending out the aroma of coffee "fragrance" the coffee machine, and thus won the red dot design concept award in 2017.

The "Scenty Presso" coffee machine looks like a metal half made of metal and half transparent glass, and the metal part has bright silver, light yellow, dark grey and blue grey.

When making coffee, only the metal part is needed, and the coffee powder is put into the corresponding container and added water. After soaking, invert the glass jar upside down, and the whole "hourglass" upside down, and the coffee goes into the glass jar.

The residual coffee powder in the ordinary drip coffee machine can only be discarded, but Scenty Presso can keep the coffee powder from remaining hot. Up at the bottom of the metal parts by second the aromatherapy machine, rich aroma of coffee grounds by diffuser, and the concentration of aroma is diffusion velocity three file size, can adjust the diffuser in the middle of the button.

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