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Size type of vending machine

The vending machine can be divided into:

1. Large functional machine, which adds relevant auxiliary functions based on sales function.

For example, the elevating platform, such as the refrigeration system, such as multimedia advertising screen, makes it more powerful, more considerate, and more convenient for customers to use.

2. Small wall hanging machine, which is small in size, simple in delivery and easy to operate.

Can be hung on walls for sale of small sheet or box items.

Condoms, tissues, shoe covers, cigarettes, chewing gum, toothbrushes, etc.

3. Mini vending machine, whose size is smaller than general functional vending machine, only has the selling and shipping function.

With toughened glass window, it can fully display the goods and directly observe the delivery process of the goods. It is suitable for use in places where the space is not spacious enough.

Can sell a variety of non-refrigerated boxes, bags, cans and bottles of non-fragile small goods.

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