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The capsule coffee machine.

The capsule type coffee machine is a new type of coffee machine which has been used in household and office. The biggest feature of the capsule type coffee machine is that it can't grind beans or use coffee powder for brewing. Only special coffee capsules can be used, so its promotion is greatly restricted.

Capsule coffee machine is semi-automatic coffee machine and automatic coffee machine greatly simplified operation, often just a button to finish operation, and a capsule coffee is using vacuum packaging, save a long time, still like freshly brewed coffee, rich flavor. In addition, because of its unique way of working, the capsule also saves the automatic coffee grinder and other parts to make it lighter and cheaper.

The current representatives of the capsule coffee machine are NESPRESSO (NESPRESSO) and GAGGIA (also known as CAFFITA SYSTEM) in nestle. Now there is a new type of capsule coffee machine in 2011. Italy Illy company Illy Caffe of the top and the most famous Italian coffee leadership brand, in order to make the espresso (espresso) made more convenient and easy to use and developed a kind of new system, we call it iespresso & MPS patent system, which is by the Illy Caffe and mitaca SRL after years of research and development design and achieved the capsule coffee machine and drink capsule global patent. With the aid of this system is convenient, you can freely enjoy the pure flavors of high quality espresso (espresso), you can at home, at work, in any place, make use of our capsule coffee mechanism to make the most strong, alcohol, the most fragrant espresso (espresso).

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