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The choice of instant coffee machine.

Nowadays, many families buy instant coffee machines, and it is very convenient to use instant coffee machines to make coffee, so the instant coffee machine is welcomed by many friends.

How to choose the instant coffee machine - automatic instant coffee machine?

The electronic technology is applied to the coffee machine, which realizes the automatic control of the whole process of brewing coffee, such as grinding, powder, powder, brewing, and removing the residue, and creating automatic coffee machine. High quality automatic instant coffee machine machine according to the most scientific data and programs to make coffee, and have perfect protection system, convenient to use and can be slightly press the coffee, the convenience is superior to the traditional coffee machine products.

The structure of the coffee machine is complex, it needs good maintenance, and the high maintenance cost is the disadvantage of this machine. However, the automatic instant coffee machine is convenient, fast, quality consistent, high efficiency, and the staff does not need training and other outstanding advantages, which makes it more and more popular with customers.

How to choose instant coffee machine - instant coffee machine?

1, first of all to understand, the effect of the coffee machine, using electronic control technology, realize the coffee bean flour, powder, filling pressure, brewing, slag, and other functions, the stand or fall of the coffee machine as long as it is to see the precision of the parts and assembly of the standard, of course, these we choose and buy is unable to see, but we can to see from its external structure, external structure is neat, the packing is fine.

2. Apart from function, the coffee machine is divided into semi-automatic coffee machine and automatic coffee machine. The difference is that the ingredients are different, the semi-automatic coffee machine is made of ready-made coffee powder, and the fully automatic coffee machine USES coffee beans.

3. The coffee machine is divided into two types: American coffee machine and Italian coffee machine. The principle of an American coffee machine is to use hot water to draw coffee from the coffee powder and then into the pot. The temperature of the hot water is not very high. The American coffee machine has a taste of coffee. The Italian coffee machine, using high temperature and high pressure water vapor through the coffee layer, enters the glass. The espresso machine is full-bodied.

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