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The integrated commodity vending machine for spring cargo.

Spring aisle of general merchandise vending machines, drinks, snacks and other packaging suitable can sell goods and satisfy a selling point of the diversity, for general merchandise demand a higher level, more universal. Let's talk a little bit about these vending machines today.

The following points should be paid attention to:

1. Different sizes of goods suitable for different specifications of the goods inside, if you don't know what to put goods, can use a ruler to measure the diameter of the spring and pitch, and then compare the size of the goods (should have regular packing), the most simply way is to put the goods into the spring aisle experience, both BuKa too tight and not fall out from the inside of the gap of the center spring, as appropriate.

2. Selling inflatable drinks (that is, carbon dioxide filling carbonated drinks) as far as possible on the position lower cargo road, otherwise drink down, the customer open the beverage may gush out, influence customer purchase experience.

3. The beverage of the lile brick packing and the can of the cans should be placed on the way of the flat track, reducing the rate of cargoes. Because rows of tiles and cans travel in the aisles, friction is much larger than plastic bottles and can jam easily, while flat tracks can be less effective.

4. If you want to have a flat bottom, you should try to keep the low and flat items as low as possible.

5. When the bottled drinks are placed, the bottle cap should be placed as far as possible, which can effectively solve the embarrassing situation of standing after the fall of the beverage bottle.

6. The same kind of goods should be placed on the same spring, and the goods should be filled up every time. If there is a real dissatisfaction, there should be no space in the innermost position.

7. With the correct way to use the vending machine in the spring, you can greatly reduce the rate of cargoes in use.

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