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Vending machines are mainly used

Basis function

Credit card shopping

With the support of network environment, it has a variety of electronic payment functions, such as credit card,

Vending machine

Vending machines (2 sheets)

Store value card, mobile phone card and other swipe card consumption.

Currency recognition

The electronic control system can be combined with notes and COINS to increase the function of vouchers, paper and coin types of vouchers can be identified.

The data download

Application of USB technology, the use of a USB flash drive, you can easily download vending machine operating information, and then use a PC to download data, easy to master by the carriers in different areas, different machine and selling goods.

Special function

Network operations

The vending machine current operating data, including the system status, system failure and material failure, out of stock situation, the sales data by installing in the vending machine of GPRS wireless transmission module to the vending machine network server, operating personnel can grasp on any a networked computer vending machine of this information, realize the vending machine of large-scale operations and network management.

Mobile phone shopping

The vending machine system is connected with the mobile POS module system to read and write the 2.4ghz RFSIM card launched by China mobile and complete the shopping function of China mobile phone.

Multimedia display

USES the LED display, multimedia display technology, docking vending machine system and PC system, make consumers can be controlled by PC touch screen vending machine of choose and buy goods, not only replace the pick button, and make the vending machine has the function of media.

Self-help pay cost

The ATM system is embedded in the vending machine so that the vending machine can be used as mobile and financial terminal equipment to realize self-service payment service.

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