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Coin Identification Technology Of Vending Machine

  Coin Identification Technology of Vending Machine

  Do not know if you have such a question or is confused, every time I use the unmanned vending machine to buy things when I always have a problem has been very tangled and embarrassed to ask, that is, every time you throw a coin How does the vending machine decide how much money is the coin in the end? True and false is how to identify it?

  Coin detection is mainly from the size, material, weight three aspects of the start.

  Size Needless to say, the counterfeit money must not pass this off.

  Material testing depends on the electromagnetic properties, because the real coins with a special hybrid metal materials, with a specially designed high-frequency oscillation circuit can be more efficient to distinguish the magnetic impedance of the material. Thus screening out counterfeit money. In addition there is a small mystery, coin magnetic impedance and size-related, disguised the completion of the size of the test.

  The comparison of the weight is more interesting, the vending machine designed a coin "runway", only the size and density of the case in order to within the specified speed range through the coil. Otherwise it is false.

  With this triple detection method of the check, we receive the coins will not be false, and this series of identification process can be completed within a few seconds quickly, will not delay the customer's time.

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