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Vending Machine Operating Basic Knowledge Daquan

  Vending machine operating basic knowledge Daquan

  1 key points for successful operation

  1. Early investment, with relevant management experience;

  2 cash flow control is difficult, resulting in a large amount of accounts receivable, so that the risk increased; (here to say what accounts receivable: business sales of goods, labor services and other business activities should be to the purchase unit or accept The amount charged by the labor service unit mainly includes the price charged by the enterprise to sell the goods or the provision of labor services to the relevant debtor and the packing fee, transportation fee and so on.

  3. Project involved, the need to invest more resources, means not flexible enough, it is easy to collapse.

  Investors pay more attention: whether the profit margins are high enough; how the market competition; effective operation of funds; development potential; management of the complexity of the flow;

  On the advantages of vending machine operations, I would not have to say that we are all obvious to you, or will not choose this project investment

  2 operating mode and profit method

  The key to successful operation: the choice of good points; perfect operation and management methods; good equipment support; economies of scale;

  On the business model, there are three kinds:

  1. Entrepreneurs themselves to buy their own machine to explore the operation, the greater the risk;

  2. From the beverage business at the rental machine operation, you must sell drinks drinkers, so that profits are guaranteed, or drinkers to buy their own machines to operate;

  3. operators of enterprises, the purchase of equipment to operate their own; some are rented to the initial entrepreneurs, from the operator to buy the machine, get the appropriate after-sales service protection, and a series of operating methods;

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