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A Brief History Of Coffee Machine Development III

Before the Second World War, although the disadvantage of using steam as a source of pressure to burn the coffee powder was avoided, the pressure was to push the hot water through the force of the piston to transmit the arm, not only a strong arm, but also a strong arm. The pressure is not easy to stabilize.

World War II caused Cremonesi and Gaggia to stop improving the coffee machine. Cremonesi died during the war and he left the coffee machine patent to his widow Rosetta Scorza. Whether Rosetta Scorza tells Gaggia about this design patent, or whether Gaggia's design is entirely from her own invention, we don't know. In 1947 Gaggia improved the original principle of the piston, and the force of the piston was controlled by a spring. As soon as the operator presses the rod, the spring is compressed and hot water is injected into the space between the piston and the coffee powder. When the spring above the piston expands, the piston is pressed down and the hot water flows to the coffee and the rod returns to its original position.

In 1948, Gaggia applied this principle to complete his coffee machine. Since he pushed the hot water to the coffee powder that was denser than before, the pressure was larger and more stable than before, so a layer of crema was produced on the coffee. This is the first time Crema has appeared in history. Since then, Crema has become the symbol of Italian coffee. Like the previous Turkish coffee, Crema is also the standard for judging the quality of coffee. Gaggia's coffee machine also makes the brewing process more dramatic. The action of slowly moving the crossbar and crossbar back to the original position has become a routine performance of many Espresso bars.

La Pavoni at home still maintains the tradition of Signore Cremonesi and does not add springs to the pistons, but some coffee machines similar to La Pavoni on the market, such as the Elektra (Family series), add springs to make the pressure stronger. It is also relatively stable. The method of discrimination is very simple. Just press the crossbar and see if there is any reaction force of the spring.

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