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A Brief History Of Coffee Machine Development V

In this nearly a century history of the evolution of coffee machines, the Italians found that by using an additional 8-9 bar of pressurization, forcing water to quickly pass through the ground coffee, the pressure between the water-rich coffee and the ground coffee produces an average resistance, so that each The extraction time of the cup of coffee is shortened to 25 seconds, which also makes the coffee powder grind to a flour-like color to increase the extraction rate. At the same time, it also condenses the aromatic ingredients and gum in the coffee, and produces a crimson crepe on the coffee. Thanks to this layer of Crema, Espresso is presented in a thick gelatinous body that blends in with the rich milk foam to create a variety of Italian coffees including cappuccino.

It is because of Espresso's coffee brewing method, which not only speeds up the brewing speed, but also improves the quality of the coffee. On the one hand, it saves the time and cost of the cafe owner, and makes the daily brewing volume several times. On the other hand, it also attracts more. The coffee population, which has now swept the coffee market of the whole world, has become the mainstream in the market. Although the Italians have never occupied any colonies that produce coffee, they have used the techniques of traditional craftsmanship to improve the way of brewing coffee, creating excellent brewing techniques and machines such as Espresso, which easily occupy the world. Most coffee markets.

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