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A Variety Of Modern Vending Machines

     Since the 1970s, there have been various new vending machines controlled by microcomputers and larger unmanned vending systems that use credit cards instead of coins and connected to computers, such as unmanned shopping malls, station ticketing and ticket checking systems. Bank cash automatic payment machine, etc.

      In Japan, it has a high population density and a very low rate of destruction and crime. It seems that there is no limit to selling any merchandise in a vending machine. Japanese adult-only vending machines can buy alcoholic beverages, snacks and cigarettes. It is sometimes found that the goods sold by the vending machine are a full bottle of beverage, boxed beer, potted plants and paired underwear. Japan has become the world's top in terms of the number of vending machines available for every 23 people.

In the United States, most vending machines are operated by stores or individuals, and goods are bought or rented to earn profits. Some other vending machines, such as the vending machines belonging to the US Postal Service, are maintained by the government authorities or relevant government agencies. There is a kind of independent vending machine that can attract people who have never done business. This type of vending machine can operate two machines in one machine: candy and beverage/snack vending machines.

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