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Automatic Machine

Automatic machine for purchasing food and other items by coin or IC card.

Putting all the drinks in one plane is equivalent to building an x-y coordinate system, and each drink corresponds to a unique coordinate value.

You give the money, and the vending machine records what kind of drinks you put in and it weighs in this x-y coordinate system.

In the vending machine there is a robot hand which, according to the given value in the x-y coordinate system, moves the corresponding distance and locates the coordinate of the drink you need.

The drink pops out of a bottle and is handed to the robot hand, which pops the drink out.

Just pop up a bottle of the problem: vending machine inside a single-chip things, can be controlled (in fact, the whole vending machine is controlled by the single-chip: identify the currency, identify the type of drink, determine the x-y coordinates and so on).

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