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Automatic Vending Machine Advantages And Methods Of Use

Automatic vending machine The advantages and methods of using the vending machine

Many friends think that the paper cup as long as the appropriate storage, do not appear soft phenomenon, save and buy the same can be long-term use, do not know the same cup of the shelf life, after the shelf life is not available products. Paper cup production process are to use disinfectant or disinfectant disinfection, but the disinfection of the role of two years will disappear, and even bring the yellow bacteria and E. coli, so once the paper cup will have a certain degree of harm to the human body, Can cause cough and other symptoms. In addition, the plastic material of the paper cup after the expiration of the film, the plastic film easy to aging, resulting in odor, is not conducive to human health.

Automated vending machine advantage

1. Automatic sales of coffee machine project investment, low operating costs, investment risk is very small, very high rate of return for a wide range of maintenance is simple, small size, easy to transport one person operation. The following are the same as the "

2. The use of instant coffee and fruit juice raw materials and water, through the automatic sale of coffee machine processing hot coffee and other hot drinks than other drinks on the profits of several times higher.

3. Automatic sales of coffee machine water temperature, water, the amount of raw materials, drinks all electronic control of electronic, accurate and effective savings of raw materials, and no manual contact to facilitate health. The following are the same as the "

4. Automatic sales of coffee machine has an electronic automatic counting system, automatically accumulate the number from 0-99999 can not man-made clear, easy maintenance management. The following are the same as the "

5. Automated vending machines are suitable for all groups of people, and the machines are placed close to consumers and can provide additional services for value-added services in public places.

6. Automatic vending machine 24 hours unattended vending system for investors can be more convenient to sell, can be completely unmanned, automatic sale, automatic coin, automatic identification of counterfeit money, automatic drop cups, Automatic counting and other modern sales function. The following are the same as the "

7 automatic sales of coffee machines do not need to manage, no need to rent the store, no pay and backlog of inventory pressure, at the same time have the value of return. The

Automatic sale of coffee machine use

1, to the tank to add water or buckle a bucket of water;

2, to the automatic sale of coffee inside the box into the instant powder;

3, put down the cup to drop the cups;

4, adjust the taste of coffee parameters (water and powder ratio).

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