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Coffee Grinder A Tool That Grinds Coffee Into Powder

Coffee grinder is the coffee beans in the motor driven by the rapid rotation of the tool grinding grinding into a coffee powder grinding tools.


1, the motor sound than other brands of small.

2, grinding beans faster, not easy to overheat, will not affect the taste of coffee.

3, can be directly into the beans do not have to wait for other brands need to first open the motor and then into the beans (because the protection of the motor is afraid of card beans, but the small eagle steel knife hard enough, without this concern, can be directly into the beans grinding).

4. Little Eagle's sharpening knife with a special hard knife, blade wear and durability and grinding speed than other counterfeit goods more than 3 times higher. Grinding beans fast and neat, not easy to produce small debris. Friends to see a baby is a must cradle of the essential equipment .8 thickness stalls; cups of time switch; cool exterior design; expert friends, a look to know is a baby, the general cafe Small blade for the special steel blade, milling processing, blade sharp, blade loss and durability and grinding speed than the Pegasus blade high above 3 times, so that the rapid crushing of coffee, so that the coffee flavor more good.

Product performance

1. Two rounds of serrated saws, which are "torn" rather than "whirlwind" of the beans, which not only grinds extremely soft and uniform sized coffee powder Patch cake-shaped porous irregular particles, so that hot water can be an average and thoroughly through each coffee powder;

2. The greater the diameter of the blade, the better the horsepower and the speed is the better (preferably a good heat-resistant structure), to ensure that can provide cold and rapid cutting;

3. Espresso lovers, because Espresso extremely sensitive to grinding, a 25-30cc Espresso outflow time to maintain about 25-30s, be sure to A fine adjustment of the scale of the grinder.

Is it also like a coffee grinder it? If you like, we can buy a try.

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