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Coffee Grinder Even More Important Than The Coffee Maker Itself

Many people would rather spend a small sum of money on other coffee making devices than a better grinder. In fact, the size, shape, and uniformity of the particles will directly affect the extraction rate of coffee, further affecting the quality of the whole cup of coffee. To some extent, the grinding machine is even more important than the coffee maker itself. If the appliance is not good, it can make up for the defects of the appliance through continuous practice and skillful technique, but the quality of the grinder is not high, but it is the inability to practice. So when you buy a coffee maker, it is recommended that you put at least 25% of your budget on the grinder, or even 50%.

And a good coffee grinder, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Uniform degree of grinding uniformity is to determine the quality of the weight of the grinding machine, uneven grinding will cause subsequent extraction of uneven, often some of the coffee powder has not been fully extracted, some parts have been extracted excessive, the final result of the whole cup of coffee mixed taste. The most common problem is that the coarse grinding will produce fine powder, resulting in bitter coffee. Although the good grinding machine will also have fine powder phenomenon, but some low end of the grinding machine fine powder phenomenon will be particularly obvious.

2. The heat produced in the grinding of the previous article mentioned that the aroma of coffee powder is very volatile, and the grinding of heat, it will accelerate the volatilization. A good grinding machine can be controlled in a certain range by a reasonable amount of torque. However, we drink coffee at home, only a small amount of beans, the effect of fever can be ignored.

3. Grinding speed This is needless to say, it is sure that the more time-saving, the better. But note that some low-end grinding machines simply rely on increasing the speed to improve efficiency, which will cause the 2nd mentioned to generate a lot of heat. A good grinder generally achieves the balance between heat production and efficiency through low rotational speed and high torque.

Coffee Grinder Classification

When it comes to grinding machines, the core part of the machine is the cutter plate. The knife plate is also divided into many kinds of materials, mainly ceramic and metal. Ceramic grinding when the heat is less, will not rust, can be washed, but more fragile. The metal is also cast iron and alloy, and ceramic knife plate opposite, blade sharp, but high heat production, preferably do not wash. Overall, however, like the family to wear a small number of beans, or that sentence, fever can be ignored.

1. Flat Knife Grinding Machine

That is, the parallel knife plate, the use of coffee beans from the inward grind. High-speed rotation is easy to heat, but the uniformity is better than the cone knife.

2. Taper Knife Grinding Machine

The cone-shaped cutter is used to grind the coffee beans from top to bottom. Grinding speed, low fever, uniformity is not as accurate as flat knife, more rich taste.

(There is also a saying that the taper knife uniformity is better, but actually when used, I tend to think that the same grade grinder flat knife uniformity of notch.) )

In fact, it is hard to say that the knife and cone is better or worse, more critical to see the design of the disc, two kinds of knife-plate structure have their own excellent products, million more than the high-end grinder two kinds of knife plate also have adopted. Domestic relatively easy to buy the hand mill is mostly cone knife, and grinder is flat knife, cone knife have.

3. Ghost Grinding Machine

In addition to the two basic knife-plate structure of the cone knife, in order to overcome their shortcomings, there are all kinds of flat knives, cone-knife combination, and on the basis of the development of the blade of the tooth, these are to better balance the problem of heating and uniformity. In addition, we should also pay attention to some low-end grinder used similar to the twin-blade structure of juicer, was nicknamed "Cutting Bean Machine", uniformity and fever are not very good, try not to buy.

Influence factors of lapping quality

Different coffee production methods for grinding machine requirements are different, such as espresso, the requirements of the most fine grinding, before referring to the volatile speed of aromatic substances, so the requirement to finish grinding quickly, this is most of the hand mill is difficult to do, so generally need professional grinder. And if you choose to press the pot to make, filter coarse, the corresponding need to grind the particles are also relatively coarse, which also raised the requirements of the grinding machine, or a large number of fine powder mixed in the coarse powder, in addition to the extraction of uneven, fine powder will also be filtered through the net to make coffee turbidity.

The fixed form of the axis is also an important factor affecting the quality of grinding, many cheap hand grinding for cost savings, the axis is only one end fixed, so that the axis will be unstable, resulting in large axis sway, thickness uneven, and the more coarse grinding, this phenomenon more obvious. and the axis of double fixed hand mill price doubled, almost to thousand yuan. So the request is not high on the axis of the fixed problem, or the ingenuity of their own can be modified by the cheap mill, related tutorials can also be found on the Internet.

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