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Coffee Grinder Product Performance

Coffee grinder is the coffee beans in the motor driven by the rapid rotation of the tool grinding grinding into a coffee powder grinding tools. Coffee originates in Ethiopia. Prior to the introduction of Europe in the 17th century, it was used as a beverage in North Africa and West Asia for hundreds of years. All the world's hot, humid areas have opened up coffee plantations, coffee has become a popular drink. But it is necessary to burn a pot of delicious coffee is a lot of effort. Coffee beans must be ground into fine powder. It is best to use a filter to leave the coffee grounds outside the cup, although many people like to drink without filtered coffee. Before the invention of the coffee grinder, humans used a stone pestle and bowl to grind coffee beans. The best time for coffee beans to grind is to be ground before cooking. Because the ground coffee is easy to oxidize the fragrance, especially in the absence of properly and properly stored, the coffee powder is also easy to taste, naturally can not cook the mellow coffee.

Product specifications: the maximum amount can be mill half pounds voltage: 220v. Color: red. Weight: 3.8kg. Outsourcing size: 365 × 150 × 250mm. Some people are afraid of trouble or do not want to buy grinder, usually at home to drink coffee Buy ready-made coffee powder, then pay special attention to the storage problem, because Taiwan's climate is wet, coffee powder after opening the best not to be placed at room temperature, the more appropriate way is placed in a sealed jar into the refrigerator Cold, and do not and garlic, fish and other taste of the same food with the taste. Because the coffee powder is easy to suck, a careless became a strange coffee, then no matter how good quality of the coffee are ruined. It was someone to cook the coffee powder slag in the refrigerator when the deodorant, after all, a good way to make the best use.

Product performance

1. Two rounds of serrated saws, which are "torn" rather than "whirlwind" of the beans, which not only grinds extremely soft and uniform sized coffee powder The diameter of the sharpening the better the better the horsepower and the speed is the bigger the better (preferably have a good heat resistance), the same time, Structure), to ensure that can provide cold and rapid cutting; 3. Multi-stage grinding degree adjustment, to meet the different cooking methods of grinding degree. A cup of 25-30cc outflow time to maintain about 25-30s, must be a There are fine adjustment of the scale of the grinder.

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