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Coffee Machine Development History

The Italian rapid conditioning method invented by the acute sub-engineer not only saves time for brewing coffee, but also produces a rich coffee flavor, so it is called Espresso by the Italians to commemorate the engineer's discovery. Espresso is very Italian artistic, but the meaning in Italian is very simple, "under pressure", the same meaning as English under pressure.

After that, we saw the above words in many books and the essence of the major BBS, and it was circulated as the origin of Italian coffee (Espresso). The above paragraph says that the 'acute sub-engineer of the early twentieth century' refers to Luigi Bezzera. I don't know that Bezzera is in a hurry, but he created a coffee machine that uses steam as a pressure in 1901. It is definitely not just because 'I am impatient with dripping coffee for too long', and more importantly, he knows, rushing Too slow cooking time will directly affect the quality of the coffee - because the brewing time is too long, the coffee powder can not be ground too fine, and the rough grinding means that the extracted aromatic components are less than the fine powder. Fast is just a superficial reason, the pursuit of quality is the driving force for the development of Espresso!!

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