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Coffee Machine Principle

Since Luigi Bezzera launched the first vapour pressure commercial coffee machine in 1901, whether it is Pavoni Gaggia

Or other machines that use steam or pistons as pressure are only one boiler: the bottom of the boiler is the hot water for brewing coffee, the steam is supplied above, but in order to make steam, the whole boiler must be heated to boiling, so that the heat close to the boiling point Water burns coffee powder, loses the aromatic oil deep in the coffee powder, and extracts the bitter coffee.

Since the water for brewing coffee is heated in a large boiler, the water will not be fresh in the boiler for a long time, and the temperature difference of the hot water will increase due to the use of steam, because the amount of steam is also increased. The temperature difference between the hot water of the coffee.

In order to improve the temperature difference, Ernesto Valente was the first FAEMA in the world to use pumps as a source of pressure in 1960.

In E61, the heating method of the water used to brew coffee is changed, so that the water for brewing coffee is not directly in contact with the heat source, but a method similar to water heating is used.


In the middle of the E61 boiler (hereinafter referred to as the outer boiler) is a pipe (hereinafter referred to as the internal pipe) which uses the pump to introduce fresh cold water into the internal curved pipeline. When the pump pushes fresh cold water through the pipe, the cold water will be heated by the hot water in the outer boiler, but the outer pipe is wrapped, so the fresh water will not come into contact with the hot water of the outer boiler. The reason why the water pipe is formed into a curved shape is to allow the cold water to have enough time to contact the outer boiler to become a hot water temperature just suitable for brewing coffee.

Due to the hot water circulation in the boiler, the temperature of each cup of coffee is also very close, whether it is a cup for one hour, or one hundred cups at a time. In this way, not only can the temperature difference be reduced, but also the freshness of the water, while the hot water in the outer boiler is only used to produce steam for making milk foam, and will not be used for brewing coffee.

This is the principle of a single boiler heat exchanger. Until more than thirty years later, the internal structure and principle of most Italian coffee machines are still very close to FAEMA E61.

From the above description, we can infer that the larger the capacity of the outer boiler, the lower the temperature difference of the hot water of the brewed coffee, and the lower the temperature difference caused by the use of steam.

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