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Coffee Machines Purchase Skill And Price

We now have a lot of people who like to drink coffee, especially in our office, because coffee can refresh the brain, so that we can work more mentally. But coffee is a good adjustment. Let's introduce you to the coffee machine. How much is a coffee machine's shopping skills? Hope can help you.

How much does the coffee machine cost?

1.Coin-operated coffee machine price meaning thick carton 2200 yuan/Taiwan

2.Jura excellent automatic coffee machine ENA5 price excellent JURAENA5 11100 yuan/Taiwan

3.Coffee machine Price Taikang MK-790 22800 yuan/Taiwan

4.Faema E98A2 Two-head electric control professional semi-automatic coffee machine Faema Pegasus e98a 221800 yuan/Taiwan

5.Hot and cold coin coffee machine Price Amoy Orchard tg-h30 12880 yuan

6.To see what price of coffee machine, imported coffee machine (such as Rancilio Lanci in the Italian semi-automatic coffee machine) good quality, the price is generally more than 2W, if the idle trouble but want to drink that is fully automatic, the price is mostly around 3000-5000. There is their own hands-on grinding beans brewed coffee, the price of this comparison, from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, no need to put on the bar when the handicraft show.

7.Brake Grinder Coffee machine? You need to see what price grinder you're going to buy yourself. Have good, also have general, good thousands of piece bar! The average hundreds of bucks!

Coffee machine shopping skills?

1.The type of coffee machine should be determined. General Professional coffee shop, coffee bar, Italian traditional manual coffee machine is selected. Trained professionals use the Italian traditional coffee machine, instant grinding, brewing, not only to create a strong coffee atmosphere, and the air filled with the aroma of coffee, so that guests can experience the unique charm of coffee. and restaurant cafes, restaurants, bars, rooms are more automatic coffee machine. Because of these local passenger flow, demand concentration, the selection of automatic coffee machine will fully display its convenient and fast, high-quality advantages, so that guests can in a short time to enjoy the quality of the constant quality of coffee, to get the physical and mental satisfaction.

2.According to the demand of coffee per hour to select the specifications of the coffee machine. Generally should give the coffee machine's ability to leave a certain margin.

3.The choice of coffee machine brand, the choice of what brand of coffee machine is also crucial, well-known international brand product quality, spare parts to ensure that the brand because of small production, spare parts supply is not secure, a greater risk.

4.Study the difference of the functional characteristics of the clear Chu

Different coffee machine has different function, if your coffee machine can make more added value of coffee products, the operation of the coffee shop also has a bonus effect, so a variety of coffee machine functions and characteristics, before the purchase should be studied or consulted clearly.

When we are tired, a cup of black coffee, when we are sleepy, a cup of coffee, when we are OK, a cup of coffee, so if we buy a coffee opportunity for our life full of infinite joy.

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