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Coffee Machines Use And Select Method

Coffee machine people to the application of electronic technology to the coffee machine, to achieve the milling, pressing powder, filling powder, brewing, cleaning debris and other brewing coffee the whole process of automatic control, creating a coffee machine.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, and it brings pleasure and excitement to people. With China's reform and opening up, the world's most popular Italian espresso (Espresso), cappuccino and latte milk coffee also placed on the people's table, and more and more people love The

Brew a perfect glass of espresso (espresso) coffee, you need to use a special coffee machine to complete. The coffee machine is forced with a pressure of 20 Pa, forcing hot water around 90 ° C to pass through 10% of the fine, extruded coffee powder and in 18-28 seconds to effectively avoid excessive extraction Resulting in bad taste. Use the high-pressure steam produced by the coffee machine to emulsify the milk to produce the aromatic milk foam, cappuccino coffee. Obviously, a cup of high quality Italian espresso or cappuccino coffee generation, the role of coffee machine is decisive.

The automatic coffee machine refers to the machine that can produce a cup of coffee by pressing the button - it automates the whole process of cooking coffee from coffee beans to hot water. Automatic coffee machine is the fastest growing coffee machine industry. Since 1999, GAGGIA has released the first fully automated coffee machine that can produce Espresso, and various coffee makers are committed to research and development, making their functions perfect and have the ability to heat milk and Put it in proportion to the coffee in the realization of a key latte, a key cappuccino and other functions of high-end machines. A good automatic coffee machine made of coffee and commercial professional machine can be comparable, and because it can automatically grind beans and relative to the professional machine is much lower prices, so since the advent of the home and office has been Favored

With the depth of coffee culture in the country, automatic coffee machine is set off a new wave of buying.

Choose a method

Coffee machine as part of the investment to get a good return, the choice of coffee machine is very important.

First, determine the type of coffee machine. General professional coffee shop, coffee bar, Italian traditional manual coffee machine is preferred. Because in these places, well-trained professionals use the Italian traditional coffee machine, instant grinding, brewing, not only to create a thick coffee atmosphere, and the air filled with coffee aroma, so that guests can experience the unique coffee charm. The hotel cafes, restaurants, bars, offices are more automatic coffee machine. Because these places traffic, demand, the choice of automatic coffee machine will fully display its convenient, high-quality advantages, so that guests in the shortest possible time to enjoy the quality of constant quality and excellent quality of coffee, get physical and mental satisfaction.

In addition, according to the hourly demand for coffee to select the specifications of the coffee machine. Generally should give the coffee machine capacity to leave a certain margin.

Choose what brand of coffee machine is also crucial, well-known international brand product quality is good, spare parts supply is guaranteed, unknown brand due to small-scale production, spare parts supply is not guaranteed, the risk is greater.

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