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Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee vending machine:

A Vending Machine (VEM) is a Machine that can pay for goods automatically based on the money put into it. Vending machine is a common equipment of business automation. It is not limited by time and place, and can save manpower and facilitate transactions. It is a new form of commercial retail, also known as 24-hour micro-supermarket. At present, there are four types of vending machines in China: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, comprehensive vending machines and cosmetic vending machines.

Features of commercial instant coffee vending machines:

Warranty: 12 months.

Complementing the lack of workers, adapting to changes in consumption patterns,

24 hours automatic setting system, can save labor, less investment, small footprint, attractive, low cost.

Popular design and elegant appearance can improve the taste and appearance of drinks,

Sealed space meets the requirements of modern life.

Occupy the hot drinks market because there are only timely coffee drinks on the market and you can drink coffee everywhere.

Only one square meter of floor area for operation, less investment, easy operation,

Sell free service, timely coffee service can provide consumers with delicious coffee anytime and anywhere.

1. Low investment, high efficiency and high response rate.

2. 24-hour free service for sellers and easy management.

Choose a broad range of good market prospects.




Features of the coffee bean vending machine LE308B:

1. Features:

1. Coffee bean vending machine with large LCD screen advertisement.

2. Sales manager system: USB; GPRS is optional.



A large-capacity pot coffee dispenser

Automatic Cup Dispenser Dispenser


5. Adjustable price and water and material quantity

6 Sugar optional, cup count

7.Money Acceptor system: Bill Acceptor & coin changer optional



1. Capacity and capacity: one ground beans, 4 cans, each 3 kg instant powder

2. Options: 16 hot premixed drinks

3. Water storage: 8L reservoir, 3L hot water

4. The CPU storage and size: 400 6.5 oz Cup (Φ 73 - Φ (73 mm).

5. Power consumption: 220V / 110V, 3200W

6. Measurement: 1850 * 710 * 700 mm

7.GW/NW: 170kgs / 135kgs


Details of the coffee bean vending machine LE308B:

Brief introduction:

16 options hot coffee bean vending machine LE308B,

1.16 hot premixed drinks available, coffee bean vending machine,

2.4 powder cans and 1 set of beans to cup grinding system, coffee bean vending machine,

Automatic water dispenser: specializes in 7oz cup, coffee dispenser with holder,

4. Coin system, bill validator, currency exchange system is optional.

Automatic cleaning and comprehensive inspection of the coffee bean vending machine,

6. Advertising 22 "LED display screen. (support WMV, MPG, wav format, etc.)

7. Money Acceptor system: Bill Acceptor & coin changer optional.

Features of the automatic espresso fresh vending machine:

1. Large infrared touch screen supports single point operation and plays AD video/image.

2. USB disk import data or AD video/picture.

3. Adjustable powder composition and grade of grinding machine tool (from fine to fine bean mill)

4. Imported European standard grinding tools from Italy.

5. Self-check on startup and automatic warning/any error when no water is available.

6. Internet interface: 3G, 4G, WIFI, WLAN.

7. Automatic sales statistics.

8. Internet sales data monitoring and management system/machine status monitoring.

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