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Coffee Vending Machine

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to help you start off the day.  we know how to make a great cup of coffee, as with our coffee vending machines, you can have the perfect coffee experience. 


1. Supplying water from base cabinet, which makes the machine more safer, healthier and more beautiful. 

2. Coin box, which make your finance safe with a key. 

3. Canisters, designed into super volume, which can avoid the matter of adding materials frequently. 

4. Continuous dropping cups, controlling the temperature by international advanced microcomputer technology. 

5. Mixing system, a revolving blender in high speed is installed, which avoid the problem of stirring imblance and blockage, adding fiz, which make your mouth feel purer. 

6. Compact design, simple to read LCD display, 

7. Water and material volume adjustable 

8. Record the volume for each kind of beverage sold 

9. Easy maintenance and clean 

10. Marketing origin: Asia/Europe/north America/south America/Africa

As one of the ISO9001 certified f306hx commercial instant coffee vending machine suppliers in China, Yile Vending is equipped with a professional factory. Please rest assured to buy the high-quality, safe and durable machine with competitive price from us.

Applicable Places: 

Office, Teaching Building, Student Dormitory, Reading Room, Library, Internet Café, Cinema, Multiplex Theatre, Chain of Retail Stores, Staff Canteen, Hotel Lobby ,Hotel Rooms, Bank, Hospital, Hotel, Office Building, Snack Bar, Fast food Restaurant, Subway Stations, Bus Stops, Railway Stations, Airports, Brand Shop, Beauty Salon, Department Store, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Automobile Sale and Repair Center, Sale House, Restaurants ,Pedestrian Street, Entertainment, Labor Market, Stock Exchange, etc.

Address:Building 9, No.4 Yangcheng Road, Pingyao Town, Yuhang District




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