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Coffee Vending Machine Three Major Features Introduced

Coffee has a certain refreshing effect, which is now living with the pace of work are relatively fast young people is very popular, so people who like to drink coffee is more, for everyone to more convenient to drink to Coffee, and now life can often see the automatic sale of coffee machine, we need to drink coffee, then as long as the coin into the immediately you can drink coffee, and below to introduce the next three under the automatic coffee machine product features.

Automatic vending machine - Products

Vending Machine (VEM) is a machine that can automatically deliver according to the coin. Vending machines are commonly used in commercial automation equipment, it is not time, place restrictions, can save manpower, easy to trade. Is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour mini-supermarket. Can be divided into four kinds: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, adult vending machines, integrated vending machines

Automatic vending machine - credit card shopping

In the case of network environment support, with a variety of electronic payment functions, such as credit cards, stored value cards, mobile phone cards and other credit card spending. The electronic control system can be used in conjunction with paper money, coin reader to increase voucher function, can identify paper and coin type vouchers.

Automatic vending machine - data download

Application of USB technology, the use of a USB, you can easily download the operating information of the vending machine, and then use the PC to download the data for processing, to facilitate operators to grasp the different regions, different machines, different goods sales. The data of the automatic operation of the vending machine, including the system status, system failure, material failure, out of stock, sales data through the installation of the vending machine on the GPRS module wireless transmission to the vending machine network server, the operator can be in any one Taiwan Internet computer on the computer to master the information of the vending machine to achieve large-scale operation and network management. Automatic sales of coffee machine system and mobile POS module system docking, to achieve the mobile launch of the 2.4GHZ RFSIM card to read and write operations to complete the mobile phone purchase.

Automatic vending machine - media display

Automatic vending machine using LED display, multimedia display technology, vending system and PC system docking, so that consumers can control the PC through the PC touch the purchase of goods, not only replace the goods button, and the vending machine has Media function.

The above is about the three major characteristics of the vending machine, which can be a simple credit card shopping, data download and media display, etc. These are the products of the automatic sale of coffee machine, the general coffee shop inside the price of coffee A bit expensive, and will take time, not very practical for the general people, so affordable, convenient vending machine for the sale of coffee machines get everyone's liking like.

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