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Coin Function, Drink Function Machine History

In the first century AD, a device made by Greek helot to sell holy water automatically was the earliest vending machine in the world. Cigarette vending machines were developed in the United States in 1925, followed by modern vending machines selling stamps and tickets. The types, structures and functions of modern vending machines vary according to the items being sold. There are mainly vending machines such as candy, drinks and newspapers. A general vending machine consists of a coin device, a indicating device, a storage device, etc. The coin device is the core of the vending machine. Its main function is to confirm the authenticity of the COINS put in, sort out the types of COINS, and calculate the amount. If the amount of money invested reaches the purchase value, it will send a sales signal and find out the remaining money. A indicating device is used to indicate the type of goods a customer chooses. A storage device stores goods, receives sales instructions, and delivers goods of customers choice to the checkout. The coin device of the general vending machine consists of a coin slot, a sorting device, a checking device to verify the authenticity of the coin, a calculating device to calculate the amount and a money finding device. Since the 70 s, the various new vending machine adopts microcomputer control and using credit CARDS instead of money and larger the vending system, which is connected with the computer, such as unmanned customize mall, station of the ticket and automatic fare collection (afc) system, automatic bank cash payment machine, etc.

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