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Common Vending Machines And Their Handling Methods

  Common Vending Machines and Their Handling Methods

  First, the vending machine card goods: As a result of the use of spring screw goods, the machine will be the spring when the ship will produce a squeeze pressure, the extrusion pressure is also a positive pressure, in the forward squeeze force The role of goods easily tilted, or even fall. This will result in the product card in the goods to the following (under the spring); in the role of oblique squeeze will increase the goods and goods to the two sides of the friction between the shield, when the friction will lead to a large commodity can not Normal shipping.

  Solution: first remove the stuck goods, and then enter the vending machine management page "fault" item in the choice of clear card cargo failure can be. And in the future operation of the goods placed in the corresponding changes, mainly the size of the main commodities to be as much as possible with the goods to the size of the same, not too small can not be greater than the goods to the spring size of the hard plug into!

  Second, the vending machine out of the goods, do not find zero. Lead to this situation mainly for the following reasons: 1, there is no change in the zero solution; 2, there are zero change in the system can be the default number of zero zero; 3, change the yuan card; 4, The dust is too heavy.

  Solution: 1, make up the change; 2, enter the system management page, see if the last make up no change after the record (part of the vending machine after the completion of the need to manually enter the number of input zero change), if the number is 0, please Modify; 3, open the paper money out of the stuck out of the currency; 4, open the paper money with a brush carefully and carefully clean up the dust or sent back to the manufacturers to clean up.

  Third, the vending machine into the change, the change does not enter the change device but deposited into the money area. The problem is mostly due to the banker system error (for a long time failed to shut down the rest).

  Solution: turn off the machine after three minutes into the system management page and then use a stick deep into the banknote reset button to reset (insert sticks hold down the reset button, you will see the banker mouth light and then off and then Bright on the let go) and so a few minutes after the shutdown, once again to start the machine basically to solve the problem!

  Fourth, the vending machine's paper money mouth of the lamp does not light or suddenly bright and dark, while the paper money into the machine is not in the money. There are two possible problems such as the occurrence of such problems: 1, due to the possession of foreign currency in the billware, 2, the paper money into the iron box is not installed.

  Solution: open the paper money device, remove the foreign body after the shutdown, and then boot it, the machine power off the re-install the iron money box can be a!

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