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Eli Wants To Be The Little Giant In The New Retail Segment.

Hangzhou yiler automatic selling mechanism manufacturing co., LTD., founded by Italian overseas Chinese from wenzhou, is a provider focusing on the overall solution of new retail automation equipment of artificial intelligence. The company combined with cloud computing, big data analysis, image recognition, mobile Internet technology, such as seriation international leading vending wit can system is developed, so far has nearly a vending machine core technology patents. Strengthening technological innovation and deepening brand strategy are the secret keys to the rapid growth and growth of le.

Grasping the new retail and the unhumanized key word, eler wants to be a pioneer in the Internet new retail era

Recently, the world's first robot milk tea shop "alilai" milk tea shop opened in hangzhou xiasha baolong commercial square. In this special milk tea shop, the shop owner, shop assistant and security guard are all done by robots. In the field experience, the robot will automatically recognize the user by completing the registration of face recognition and become a member, and then automatically greet the user by voice.

Robot: "what would you like to drink?"

Customer: "plain milk tea."

Robot: "do you add ice? Is it sugar?

After scanning the code, the robot will start to make milk tea. In about a minute, a cup of fragrant milk tea will be delivered to the delivery window. Relative to human milk tea maker, the robot's "craft" apparently more superior, it can make hundreds of fruit juice, coffee, milk cover, fruit, ice cream, milk tea, and materials precision can reach 1 g. More importantly, the robot can make milk tea at an average speed of one cup per minute, and sell more than 300 cups a day.

Robot was able to become a living reality to produce milk tea, because it adopts intelligent deep learning of the emotional communication, voice interaction, 3 d printing, as well as the forefront of AI technology, to identify the identity of the user through the visual, behavior, and get its shopping history, habit, via voice, gesture, posture, and other ways, like people to interact with the user accurately. Expected by next month, the "ali" robot milk tea shop will upgrade to the second generation product system, including ways of order, then the APP multiselect mode, liquid crystal click mode, voice and drinks taste will be better.

In fact, many people do not know that its developer, hangzhou eli vending machine manufacturing co., LTD., is located in yuhang bottle kiln. The operation of "alilai" unmanned milk tea shop marks that China's artificial intelligence technology in the water bar industry has been at the top level in the world. It can be said that in today's new Internet retail era, yeller has become a brave and intelligent jester.

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