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Food And Beverage Vending Machines What Is The Payment Method

What is the payment method for food and beverage vending machines?

Food and beverage vending machine common three kinds of payment

What is online payment? Online payment refers to the transfer of funds through the Internet as a carrier.Using the bank to support a certain digital financial instruments, occurred between the buyers and sellers of financial exchanges, and from the buyer to the financial institutions , Online money payments between merchants, cash transfers, fund clearing, and query statistics, thereby providing financial support for e-commerce services and other services.

Different food and beverage vending machines have different payment methods, generally have the following three categories:

1. IC card payment type, support a variety of IC card payment, including UnionPay cards, Yangcheng pass, card and other easy to use. According to the number of configurable background service system unified management.

2. Mobile payment type, support mobile phone call or send text messages to buy goods within the machine, you can choose deductions and no deduction in two ways, according to the number of configurable background service system, with strong trends.

3. Coin payment type, MDB standard coin system to support paper money, coins to pay, to support the coin to change, with high security capabilities and improve the anti-theft system, is the most common and convenient way to pay. The user can select the relevant function as needed.

Food and beverage vending machines In the present is still more popular second: mobile payment type. After all, now the phone is very popular. With more than Alibaba, Alipay and more than 180 banks at home and abroad and VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions to establish strategic cooperative relations, as financial institutions in the field of electronic payment the most trusted partner.

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