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Glass Substrate

Glass substrate is an important raw material for tft-lcd production. Its cost accounts for about 15% ~ 18% of the total cost of tft-lcd. From the first generation line (300mm x 400mm) to the present 10th generation line (2,850mm x 3,050mm), it has only experienced a short period of 20 years. However, as tft-lcd glass substrate requires very high chemical composition, performance and production process conditions, the production technology and market of tft-lcd glass substrate have long been monopolized by a few enterprises such as corning, Japan asahi glass and electric nitro. Under the strong impetus of market development, the mainland of China began to actively participate in the research and development and production of tft-lcd glass substrate in 2007. At present, several tft-lcd glass substrate production lines of five generations or more have been built in China, and it is planned to start two production lines of 8.5 generation high generation liquid crystal glass substrate in the second half of 2011. This provides an important guarantee for upstream tft-lcd manufacturers in China to localize raw materials and significantly reduce manufacturing costs.

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