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Grinding Method

When you grind the beans, the amount of the powder depends on how you cook it. The shorter the cooking time, the finer the ground powder; The longer you cook, the thicker the powder you grind. The ESPRESSO machine takes very little time to make coffee, so it has the thinnest flour. It takes more than a minute to cook the coffee in the "air plug" way. American drip coffee takes a long time to make, so the coffee powder is the coarsest, one after another like peaches on shell beach. It is very important to make a good cup of coffee when the coffee powder is ground to the right thickness, because the extraction of water-soluble substances in the coffee powder has its ideal time. On the other hand, if the powder is thick and cooked too quickly, resulting in a lack of extraction, the coffee will be tasteless because there is no time to dissolve the water-soluble substances in the powder.

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