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Hotel Mini Vending Machine

Hotel mini vending machine is a kind of new business opportunities, similar to the mini adult supplies self-help vending machine, but also supplies self-help vending machine has more advantages than the adult, small and light, decorate location clear, mainly for hotels, clubs and other customized, will bring a new revolution to the hotel and upgrade, hotel intellectualization. Hotel vending machines can stimulate customer consumption, ready to use, without waiting, solve the embarrassment.

Hotel rooms in the vending machine can provide all kinds of drinks, snacks, family planning supplies and adult sex toys, use method is very simple, only need to choose the vending machine in front of the terminal of commodities in the grid, scan the qr code directly into the payment page on the grid, through micro letter or pay treasure, online payment, payment will automatically open the completed grid, the user can directly take goods. The use of hotel room vending machine can not only increase the experience and satisfaction of hotel customers, but also improve the hotel room level, increase hotel revenue and set up the intelligent image of the hotel, which is also a kind of hotel intelligent solution, no new retail business model.

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