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How Can Vending Machines Pricing And Pricing Points?

How can vending machines pricing and pricing points?

"How to sell vending machines to sell goods?" This is troubled by many vending machine operators problems, seemingly simple problems often make a lot of operators headache. And similar problems not only plagued small and medium operators, but also plagued some large-scale operating enterprises, especially in the vending machine industry, low net profit margins, intense competition. A pricing problem can bring a lot of additional risk to the business: the price set too high risk - may lose customers; price set too low - the profit reduction is not enough to support the operation, so the scientific commodity pricing becomes Very important.

"So how do you give the vending machine merchandise a scientific pricing, pricing and what issues should you pay attention to?"

Vending machine commodity pricing is the key to the analysis of consumers to control, the main need to focus on several aspects of the problem.

1, the consumer's way of life. Consumers' lifestyles can affect his spending habits, such as for the affluent, they are accustomed to the pursuit of comfort and convenience, and the price is not sensitive. Otherwise the price is more sensitive. So the price should pay attention to the relevant issues.

2, vending machine pricing should pay attention to the demographic characteristics of the environment, demographic characteristics include gender, age, income level and so on. For example, the old-fashioned community, the residents of the age of large pricing should pay attention to meet the characteristics of large groups of older age, as far as possible not to exceed the expectations of large groups of minds, and at the same time to protect the service. Another example is for high-income groups, commodity selection and pricing can be relatively slightly higher, and vice versa for low-income groups, you should control the commodity category and price.

3, concerned about environmental factors, large environmental factors such as the local macroeconomic situation, small environmental factors such as the surrounding traffic and matching shopping point configuration, the surrounding price situation and so on. Like the train station and other regions can be priced slightly higher, but if the mature community, the streets should pay attention to price control.

4, vending machine commodity pricing should focus on consumer demand and desire, according to consumer demand and desire to adjust the price in time.

5, vending machine pricing should fully understand the consumer's shopping attitude and shopping behavior. Consumer attitudes and behavior habits greatly affect the sales situation, so in the pricing process, the region must be the consumer's shopping attitude and shopping behavior has a full study, for different types of shopping attitudes and shopping behavior, Operators should do a good job in pricing judgments.

In addition, the vending machine operation pricing should pay attention to the following issues.

1. sales can not always rely on low prices. Too low prices will get higher operating income, but will lose a lot of profits, which concerns the survival of the enterprise. So the need to balance the relationship between profit and price.

2. Vending machine commodity pricing should ensure that the average gross margin of goods: Although all kinds of products have different gross margin. But companies need to quickly turn around the goods and the relatively slow turnover of goods to find a balance between the price to maintain the average gross margin is conducive to the control of the profits of the enterprise.

3. Accurate calculation of cost: pricing needs to fully calculate the cost, especially the relatively small net profit industry, cost calculation needs to be very accurate. From the procurement, transportation, currency damage, depreciation of equipment, and even credit card handling fees, etc., should be fully included, so as to set a reasonable price, and will not let you lose the profit unknowingly.

4. If necessary, do not fall into a price war. The real value of the firm lies in the profit and the satisfaction of the customer. Do a good job of service experience and quality, you have enough, otherwise it is thankless. In the case of

Pricing is a complicated task for vending machine operators. Due to the large number of outlets, there are many factors involved, so enterprises must fully research and study. Can not be one size fits all, can not "on the line", if according to the situation, according to the business outlets to do the pricing work, I believe the enterprise will therefore be greater progress.

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