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How Do You Want To Prevent Moisture In A Vending Machine?

  How do you want to prevent moisture in a vending machine?

  First, the vending machine placed to keep the distance

  In the vending machine freezer to the shop, the business in the place must pay attention to the cabinet can not close to the wall, and the wall to retain a certain gap distance, in the rainy spring and Akita, the wall is easy to moisture Leaching of water, wall moist will make the impact of the parts of the freezer, so that parts damaged moisture, so freezer, freezer in the placement, the proposed 10 cm outside the wall placed.

  Second, on time to the vending machine cleaning

  After a long period of use, will accumulate some moisture in the interior, businesses should pay attention to timely removal, try to keep the freezer in a dry environment, long-term water will make the machine produce many small problems, so after a period of time, Remember to clean up in time.

  Third, the vending machine to always defrost inside

  Vending machine freezer cabinet after a long time after use will be frost, and then will freeze into ice, which is a lot of people in the use of freezer often encounter the situation, this time the business can be in accordance with the norms of the internal refrigerator, Contrast thick plastic film, it will be affixed to the freezer frost parts, do not use glue, paste can be.

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