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How Does A Vending Machine Identify Coins

1. the "coin identification machine", which is now put into trial, has induction coil, which is induced by the material, size and size of the coin. According to the technical staff, different materials have different magnetic field changes, and can be analyzed, explored and identified by electronic technology. More advanced detection can also be used in spectrum analysis.

2. a pile of genuine and counterfeit coins can be separated from the real machine through the machine invented by Zhou Yongqian, the inventor of Xuzhou. The machine is made up of three parts: shell, voice prompt monitor and memory probe, and memory probe is the core. According to the introduction, the memory in the probe can instantly identify the weight, volume and metal composition of the coins touched, and there is a gap between the true and false coins in these aspects, so the result will be different when facing the machine.

3. the metal raw material of 1 yuan, 5 angle and 1 corner coins is a special alloy used specially for minting. Therefore, when it enters a magnetic field produced by a specific high-frequency oscillating circuit consisting of inductance and capacitance through the inlet of the coin, the influence of the difference of metal material and volume on the amount of inductance is also slightly different. The change of the sensitivity causes the change of the frequency of the oscillation; then, by comparing the change of the detection frequency, comparing with the set value, the frequency signal is converted to the output of the voltage signal by the narrow band frequency selection circuit, and the recognition of the metal coins is completed.

There are a wide variety of metal coin recognizers, but the currency retreat mechanism is basically divided into two categories: one is a flat coin storage, a solenoid valve retreats, the other is a cylindrical coin storage, and the step motor retreats. After the coin is recognized, the counterfeit money and foreign objects are discharged, and the real money is assigned to different coins according to a number of distribution solenoid valves according to the face value. When the coin is received, after receiving the coin to find the zero electric signal, the coin operated solenoid valve or the coin operated motor pull rod will be introduced in the lower part of the coin cavity according to the electric signal program to complete the refund function of the vending machine.

4. one, the principle of recognition

Main identification indexes: diameter, material and thickness.

The material is measured by electromagnetic method, using hollow coil or magnetic core coil, the number of coil groups is only one group, and most of them are six groups. In a working state, the coil and its peripheral circuits will oscillate at a special frequency (the frequency of the multiple coils is different). When the coin runs vertically or parallel to the coil plane (different product modes), the oscillating frequency changes. The amplitude and direction of frequency change (increase and decrease) caused by different materials are also different. After recording the change characteristics of some kind of coins, it becomes the basis for identifying the coin in use.

The thickness is not specially measured, but actually the index is measured with the material. Because even if the same material coins, if the thickness is different, the frequency difference caused by the difference is also larger.

The diameter of the old type recognition device uses photoelectric tube to identify the diameter. If the arrangement is correct, the recognition accuracy is not low (0.5mm). The new ones are measured by eccentric or heteromorphic coils. According to the small parts of the coin, the coincident parts of the coils and the coils are few.

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