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How Does The Vending Machine Industry Compete?

It is reported that in recent years, with the rapid development of the domestic market economy, streets and offices gradually appeared in a variety of different types of vending machines, automatic ticket machines and automatic service facilities, is expected to lead the new trend of modern shopping. In the wave of the Internet, vending machines appear with advertising screen, interactive screen, can support Alipay, WeChat payment and other means of mobile payment means, which undoubtedly means the beginning of a change.

However, in the Internet + era, vending machine can achieve profitability, in fact, challenges and opportunities coexist. Vending machines themselves need to develop with the market demand, vending machine technology to continue to improve, such as cargo often card cargo to optimize the machine to deal with. The type of vending machine is mainly based on beverage vending machines, food vending machines, integrated vending machines and other types of vending machines.

Vendor airport rents will also affect the development of vending machines. In the early years, the domestic vending machine as a convenience service, in the school or other public areas, are rent free, and even some places or the owners down the rent. But with the rapid development of real estate commercial rent, vending machines placed free rent era is over. Rents in different venues are rising. Vending machine failure problems will also affect the vending machine business. A good quality vending machine is more than two to three years old than a normal vending machine, but a vending machine with a bad machine is often lost, and people will lose confidence in the vending machine. Not only will affect the profit will affect the brand's reputation.

Lack of management system. In the field of vending machines, due to the average level of education is not high (especially front-line staff), and now the management of the enormous pressure in the business process need to face constant variable control, not a simple monitoring software will be able to step in place The So, on the management, down to the front line of engineers, most of the lack of effective, scientific, systematic management, basically rely on people rule.

Value-added business development difficult. In addition to some high-quality outlets, with advertising value, the entire vending machine industry value-added business has been very difficult. With the popularity of the Internet to pay the Internet, pay treasure wave payment, WeChat payment payment and CUP flash memory and other payment functions to meet the young people to pay the habit of the marketing activities with the introduction of subsidies also increased the volume of transactions, to the sale The freighter industry has brought objective additional revenue. Vending machines in the development of the need to continue running, under the premise of innovation to protect the healthy development of the industry.

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