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How To Choose The Right Way For The Vending Machine To Operate

  How to choose the right way for the vending machine to operate

  With the economic development, technological progress, more and more vending machines appear in schools, factories, subways, hospitals and other major places, artificial intelligence self-service is the development trend of various industries, of course, retail industry No exception.

  There are many kinds of vending machines in the market, such as beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, fruit and vegetable vending machines, dairy vending machines, integrated merchandise vending machines and so on. Although vending machines have been around for years, technology and market maturity is only a matter of recent years.

  Modern vending machines can be said to be smart vending machines, not only to support cash coins and other cash payments, but also can support WeChat, Alipay, Baidu wallet and other mobile payment, and even support UnionPay cards, staff cards, student cards and other credit card payment , In addition to remote monitoring can be, do not need the operator personally to the scene will be able to know the vending machine operating data. More than a variety of functions not only greatly facilitate the purchase of things on the vending machine, but also to facilitate the business of vending machines operating.

  Although there are many types of vending machines, the function is full, but they use the goods are numbered, the most common spring spiral goods, track track, there are sophisticated S-shaped piling up the cargo, as well as the cluster Lattice cabinet Here I simply talk about the advantages and disadvantages of these goods, as well as how to choose the right vending machine to choose the right way.

  One, spring spiral goods

  Spring screw goods is also relatively early in the vending machine on the way, this cargo has a simple structure, can sell more types of merchandise, you can sell common snacks, daily necessities and other small commodities, you can also sell bottled Drink.

  Advantages: low cost, can sell more types of goods.

  Disadvantages: the sale of bottled drinks easy card goods, replenishment trouble, need to take out the goods and then carefully put the goods one by one, put the card will increase the rate.

  Second, the track track

  Track track can be said to be an extension of the spring goods, restrictions are more suitable for sale of fixed packaging, not easy to fall the goods.

  Advantages: can sell short canned drinks, short boxed snacks, lunch and other products can stand firm.

  Disadvantages: can not stand steady all the goods can not be sold (as long as a commodity will fall like a domino as a whole cargo way), replenishment trouble, need to take out the goods and then carefully put the goods one by one, wasting time.

  Third, S-shaped accumulation of goods (also known as snake-shaped goods)

  S-shaped pallets are specially developed for the beverage vending machine for the sale of special goods, you can sell a variety of bottled, canned drinks (canned eight treasure porridge can also), drinks in the goods to the layers of accumulation, relying on their own gravity down Goods, not card cargo, the export port by the electromagnetic control.

  Advantages: beverage layer of accumulation of high utilization of space; large capacity, can sell more types of drinks; shipping method determines the card is not easy to goods; leather and durable long life; replenishment is simple, directly throwing the drink sideways on the line, replenishment Fast, low operating costs.

  Disadvantages: complex structure, design and processing difficult, demanding, the general business did not have the ability to produce, high manufacturing costs.

  Four, multi-door grid cabinet

  Multi-door grid cabinet is a lattice cabinet cluster, each grid has a separate door and control agencies, each inside the grid can put a product can also put a set of goods.

  Advantages: can sell a variety of goods (no packaging, the shape is not fixed, the size of the larger, complete sets of packages and so on all can), the construction of simple manufacturing costs low.

  Disadvantages: the number of goods to accommodate less space utilization is low.

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