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How To Deal With The Failure Of Vending Machines

  With the seasonal changes, people's needs also change, which also led to the vending machine sales of products with people's needs and change. Summer, vending machines are mainly selling cold drinks, which is mainly used in the automatic beverage machine cooling function, and in the winter when the vending machine sales are mainly hot drinks, the main use of coin coffee machine Heating function, and for the above reasons, the vending machine factory for the production of various vending machines are also different.

  How to deal with the failure of vending machines

  Vending machine failure reasons: First, the vending machine itself is broken; the other is the vending of finished products sold out, the vending machine will appear "no goods" words, if the customer on the machine "change" Twist, find the change will fall. But the above two cases, no matter what kind of, buyers only need to call their vending 24-hour service hotline, according to the relevant personnel to prompt the operation, of course, if the first case you need to tell you where the automatic Vending machine's address, until the responsible person to the scene to solve, the number is generally marked on the vending machine body.

  Vending machines are generally not prone to these failures, mainly because some customers do not understand how to operate the vending machine to buy things caused by misuse caused by, for example, vending machines on the identification of paper currency, which requires its notes At least eight into the new; In addition, is about the problem of zero: no recovery, the balance back to the slower and the reasons for the test machine;

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