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How To Use The Vending Machine To Seize The Domestic Strong Adult Market

How to use the vending machine to seize the domestic strong adult market

Adult goods sales terminal unattended is a big trend. Although the traditional store will not completely disappear, but most small terminals will use vending machines. This is because the vending machine to the flow of adult products to bring the two areas of convenience:

1. to avoid people in the purchase of adult goods when the face-to-face exchange of embarrassment;

2. Most of the adult sales have occurred at night, with automatic sales, can save a lot of night work manual.

At present, although the adult goods vending machine developed rapidly, but the number did not go up, and the business model is too backward, is the adult supplies vending machine sales inefficient root causes. Adult supplies are not like beverages, drinks are people's physical just need, and adult supplies just fun supplements. If the method of selling drinks to sell personal supplies, must not dig out the potential of goods.

What kind of business experience can help improve the sales of adult vending machines?

Remote response When the consumer around the point of a strong demand, your business system to be able to respond in a timely manner to guide the immediate purchase of Ta, if you miss this moment, it would have to wait until the next impulse Ta.

2. Commodity display. Adult supplies are low-frequency consumption, it needs to display more types of goods to increase the selected rate, rather than in a single product to store more quantities and make the circulation cycle longer. Please optimize the display plan, not let them messy.

3. Search facilitation. When a point of the sale of many types of goods, such as hundreds of species, it is necessary to consider the convenience of consumers to retrieve goods, so that he more convenient to the necessary goods to the machine dialogue, the rapid realization of the transaction.

4. Promotional features. Recommended affiliate goods, bundled discounts, limited time sale, etc., these promotional functions are your machine with what? If not, what do you rely on to enhance customer unit price? Well, the customer unit price is the total amount of each transaction.

5. Community marketing. Other consumer comments are a very important factor in facilitating new customer orders, and it is estimated that no one will object to that statement. The community marketing generated by the consumption motive to import into the point to have to think about how to do this?

6. Points strategy. Buy adult supplies are a one-time consumption? From the well-known electric business there to get the data, the majority of sex toys buyers will soon spend again, do not you want to train some quality customers?

Want to achieve these business experience, the adult supplies vending machine to an upgraded version of the definition, that is the real introduction of the OTO model of intelligent adult supplies self-selling system. This is an unstoppable trend, and the impact is coming soon.

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