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Improve The Vending Machine Profit Big Raiders

Vending machines are commonly used in commercial automation equipment, it is not time, place restrictions, can save manpower, easy to trade. Is a new form of commercial retail, also known as the 24-hour mini-supermarket. At present, the domestic vending machines are divided into four categories: beverage vending machines, food vending machines, integrated vending machines, coffee orange juice vending machines.

In recent years, vending machine convenient, strong sense of consumption patterns gradually deep into the crowd, and by the end consumer groups favored. From the beginning of the unfamiliar to the present familiar, indispensable, during which the development of vending machines can be said to be gradual development, penetrate into all aspects of life, which also accelerated the rapid growth of its number and the formation of industrial chain layout The With the proliferation of vending machines produced by a wide variety of manufacturers on the market, it is stressful for operators. Although the profits are impressive, but how to maintain and steadily increase the profitability of the operation is the core of their real concern. So how can we improve the vending rate of vending machines? What is the main problem facing our operators? Domestic large-scale vending machine manufacturers to provide a few reference:

First, to strengthen the operating cost control as an operator, then it should be real-time monitoring of this vending machine background, sales data, etc., the following six parts: 1) timely fill the goods; 2) the placement of goods and the machine itself 5) increase the gross margin of high value-added goods 6) based on the level of gross profit for product mix, taking into account the mainstream products, but also take into account the whole of the product, but also take into account the overall situation, profit.

Second, to achieve the innovation of commodity channels at any time concerned about the sales of goods, for some low sales of goods, we must remember "innovation." Can be in-depth market research for a high rate of sales channels, because the product sales is not good, or the product itself is not recognized by the consumer market, or brand awareness is low, there may be product quality problems, Even the product age, taste, packaging is not good, price and other factors.

Third, the choice of quality delivery point from the vending machine into the market since the point of choice has been a problem. Vending machine point, to a large extent on the decision whether the operation and whether to bring profits. Here are a few options to choose from: 1) depending on the product for the crowd. Such as student groups, white-collar workers, single people and so on. 2) select the consumer groups more young and more areas. 3) to seek the flow of large and concentrated, and the purchasing power of the region. 4) Depending on the characteristics of the product. What goods to sell or a major category of goods mainly in the area of consumer groups, consumption habits.

Fourth, the choice of cost-effective commodity categories to sell what products, to determine the site, but also determine the expected benefits. Understand the consumer demand, grasp the consumer behavior, develop sales plans, in order to achieve sales expectations. The operation of the vending machine is not only the operation of the tactical level, but also the operational work should be raised to the strategic level, sub-crowd, sub-channel, sub-market to develop a practical operational implementation program in the field of vending machine operations to achieve better Expected sales effect, create wealth!

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