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Instant Coffee

Surplus in 1930, in response to the beans, Brazilian coffee institute with Swiss "nestle" consulting company, request immediately after they managed to produce a kind of heat water mixing become dry coffee drinks. Nestle has spent eight years doing research, according to the consultancy. They found that the most effective method was to spray espresso coffee extracts with a hot air spray. Heat evaporates the water from the coffee extract, leaving the dry coffee granules. This powder has become a popular drink because it dissolves easily in boiling water. The new instant coffee is marketed under the name nestle, a world-famous brand that has been famous around the world since then.

Later, another coagulation method was used to make instant coffee. This involves solidifying the coffee and then evaporating the water. The manufacturing process was invented in 1906, but it was not widely used until recent decades. Manufacturers claim the method preserves more of the original flavor.

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